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Love Lane Lives - the boys & girls from the whitestuff

Love Lane Lives

The history of sugar in Liverpool and the effects of the closure of the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery, Love Lane

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East End London Sugar Girls and North End Liverpool Sugar Girls!

Written by Ron Noon at 03:08 on Monday, March 19th 2012

That’s the back cover for the book by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi to be published on the 29th of this month. It is a stimulating read and one that made me keenly aware of the “unwitting gender imbalance” on our site and the need to do something similar for our Liverpool Love Lane Lives project.  Duncan and Nuala not only sent me an advance copy of their book but have been in correspondence about the possibility of coming up to Liverpool when their book has been published, and helping us to kick start a similar project about the blue turbaned ladies of our beloved Love Lane. Already on their website they have flagged up our project and said some very kind words about our film so clearly there is great scope for a mutually beneficial (some say the big long word is synergistic!) study of East End London sugar girls and Liverpool North end sugar girls.

Islington girls

I’ll be filling you in with much more detail after I’ve met the authors and set in motion some of the stories of Liverpool’s beautiful ladies from the Lane. Write in and let me know whether you would like to be interviewed. In the early days of my project the links with some wonderful women from the Lane were unfortunately scuppered by a project worker whose mind was clearly on other things than sugar research and prioritising those links, but with the help of Leon Seth and Maggie Skilling we re-energised the project and launched the film and website. The gaps are now crying out to be filled in. Come on the Sugar Girls of Liverpool.

Trace these women

Let’s find these sugar girls from Liverpool!