Love Lane Lives

The history of sugar in Liverpool and the effects of the closure of the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery, Love Lane

The Girls & Boys from the Whitestuff

The Blue Turban Ladies of the Tate closure protests

"The remarkable thing about this project was not just sugar, an extraordinary but much taken for granted commodity but the extraordinary lives of ordinary refinery workers... This project has lots of historical curiosity value but it has wider ramifications for ongoing debates on the politics of food and globalization. It's also a vital record of the people who struggled against a major multinational to protect not just their own livelihoods but a whole community."

Ron Noon

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I think there’s still a newsagent’s on the same site as you mention, Keith - it‘s now “J. Flemimg & Son”. To give some sense of geography, this photo was taken facing east on Vauxhall Road, from where the Crystal Club used to be. The William Hill betting shop on the left of this photo forms the south-eastern corner of the Burly and Voxy crossroads. The Crystal Club was on the south-western corner.,_Liverpool.jpg [Please click to enlarge.]

Sadly, the burglars who cleaned up Liverpool didn’t do a very good job on Love Lane - or the side streets that lead to Great Howard Street - once the Refinery had gone.

I think these re-posted photographs - taken by railway enthusiasts - are more your era, Keith.
(These 1960s photos was obviously taken from the Refinery during refurbishment work. On the “Streets of Liverpool“ website, Eddie Sutton states - “[South-eastern] corner of T&L was demolished and by 1965 the new offices were completed. It then became the new home of the ‘Town Office’ personnel who had moved from Head Office Sefton House James Street.” This may account for the scaffolding.)

A couple of pics with the Refinery (most notably Home Trade) in the background.

And here are several historical Liverpool T&L-related pictures which I don’t think have been posted on this site before, mostly relating to the silo and docks;

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