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Love Lane Lives - the boys & girls from the whitestuff

Love Lane Lives

The history of sugar in Liverpool and the effects of the closure of the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery, Love Lane

The Love Lane Lives Weblog

A 2006 ESSAY written FOR MY GLOBAL CITY students.

I wrote a number of detailed essays for students on a course I devised in the early 2000s, a time when Boris Johnson was editorialising (and lying) about Merseysiders wallowing in welfarism and victimhood. I was and still am very proud of that “scouse” history course.

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Posted by Ron Noon in on Monday, March 01st 2021

Date Night: The Tates & Lyles yoked together in a Feb 27 1921 MARRIAGE.

How relevant or significant in people’s lives is the fact that 100 years ago today/tonight two sugar dynasties shaped by Henry Tate & Abraham Lyle for the benefit of their scions MERGED to form TATE & LYLE? A landmark event not just in British sugar history but in world sugar history!? Which was more important, the Cubes or the Golden Syrup? Liverpool and Love Lane were more important to me, but both were JUNKED BY T&L in 1981.

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Posted by Ron Noon in on Saturday, February 27th 2021

“We cannot reasonably expect any further special treatment.”

When I was about 17 doing A Level history I had an essay returned with loads of red rings around “we”. Who’s we the sage teacher asked in red ink? Subsequently I have exercised much more compunction in the usages of the royal plural and exhorted my own students to follow suit. The quote from Mr Phillip Carter the Managing Director of Littlewoods above AND also what emanated from the head of Economics at Liverpool University, Professor Patrick Minford was decidedly not the view of WE for most of Merseyside at that time.

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Posted by Ron Noon in on Friday, February 12th 2021

LIVERPOOL DAILY POST headline on 11th February 1981

Yea, precisely that but with an added pepper. A delegation of civic and religious leaders from our battered Port City DESPERATE to save LOVE LANE were snubbed by the then occupant of No.10 Downing Street. Who could that have been?

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Posted by Ron Noon in on Thursday, February 11th 2021

“Natural Wastage” and the Age Structure of Love Lane Liverpool Refinery

A “consecrated management euphemism”! Natural Wastage! Have a look at some of these newspaper pictures of the flesh and blood victims of “natural” wastage.

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Posted by Ron Noon in on Sunday, February 07th 2021

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