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The history of sugar in Liverpool and the effects of the closure of the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery, Love Lane

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A bitter sweet Public History project

Today’s blog is in two parts. The first is something that I wrote last night as a proposal to talk about our LOVE LANE LIVES “public history” project in CHICAGO (!) at a Labor History Convention next year. (That’s how Yanks spell labour!)
The Second part is a bit more speculative and “philosophical” dealing with some thoughts about PUBLIC HISTORY more generally and what it actually means. It will be interesting to get people’s responses to these thoughts.

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Posted by Ron Noon in on Monday, December 01st 2008

Thanks Warren

One upon a time, (and not so long ago), I felt that the project was going to collapse because of haemorrhages in our funding which were beyond my control. We survived because of Leon Seth and Maggie Skilling and another “sweetfighter” who needs to be eulogised for his unstinting devotion to the LOVE LANE cause. His name is….

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Posted by Ron Noon in on Saturday, November 29th 2008

The New York Times on Big Sugar Five years ago!

Exactly five years ago today the NYT suggested that “the handful of individuals who control the sugar business in this country..start thinking about a new line of work, and be grateful for the long run they had” and I thought why not blog that fact? How many people think about the BIG in “Big Sugar” and of the Cuban American Family who purchased the Domino Sugar Refineries from Tate & Lyle in 2001?

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Posted by Ron Noon in Beyond The Lane on Saturday, November 29th 2008

Sugar Film making: Cease and Desist

My film project Love Lane Lives was successfully premiered at the Tate Liverpool on October 30th 2007 and can now be viewed in its entirety on our website but what about the fate of two other sugar films, (and a TV soap series) that came out that same year which unlike our Boys and Girls from the Whitestuff, aroused blatant opposition and resistance from offended “sugar interests”? Bill Haney’s film “The Price of Sugar” narrated by Paul Newman, and Amy Serrano’s “Sugar Babies” are bitter sweet films dealing with abuses of human rights on sugar “bateyes” in the Dominican Republic that we feel demand the oxygen of publicity.

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Posted by Ron Noon in Beyond The Lane on Thursday, November 27th 2008

Website Launched

Love Lane Lives - up and running…

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Posted by Warren in News on Wednesday, November 26th 2008

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